Aikido Yoshokai is Aikido as taught by Takashi Kushida-sensei, 8th degree black
belt, and founder of the Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America

AYANA is a non profit educational corporation established by Takashi
Kushida-sensei. AYANA is dedicated to teaching Yoshokai Aikido and educating
the general public about Aikido in particular and Japanese Budo in general.

Although Aikido is a martial art, the focus is harmony. There are no competitions in
Aikido. Students work together as partners to study Aikido techniques. Success is
not measured in wins and losses. Aikido is a study of cooperation, augmented by an
intense focus on respect and etiquette.  Although we study very dynamic and
powerful techniques, our goal is to learn harmony and respect through the Shite/Uke
relationship. In our Aikido, Uke (oo-kay) gives the energy of an attack. Shite
(sh-tay) then leads Uke's energy, guiding Uke into a throw or pin. To have Aikido
you must have both people. Without Uke's energy, Shite cannot study how to guide,
throw, and pin. Without Shite, Uke cannot study how to safely fit with and receive
Aikido techniques. On the surface Shite and Uke seem like opposites, but in reality
Shite and Uke are a pair that fit together.
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Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America's official website.

Aikido Yoshokai was first taught in Portland by Dick and Lindi Moser-senseis at
Montavilla Community Center on January 11, 1994. Following Kushida-senesei's
example, they taught with respect, positive reinforcement, and very clear,
step-by-step instructions. Thanks to their dedication and positive teaching style,
Aikido Yoshokai has enriched the lives of many hundreds of students in the greater
Portland area.

Through the years and all the changes that Yoshokai Aikido has seen in Portland,
one thing has not changed: our determination to teach correct Yoshokai techniques
with respect and encouragement for every student in every class.
Aikido Yoshokai - Calligraphy by Kushida-sensei
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